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Is there a way to take a screenshot of the gnome shell activities screen i.e the screen that pops up on pressing the Win key or Alt+F1? The PrintScr button works normally but doesn't seem to work when I'm on the activities screen. Is this normal behavior? If yes, are there workarounds?

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Can you try setting a delay of a few seconds in the screenshot tool? – Tom Brossman Oct 4 '12 at 21:27

If other things are failing, use the import command --

import -window root screenshot.jpg

It will pick up things that often aren't found by using gnome-screenshot or shutter, etc.

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Open up the gnome-screenshot (Alt+F2 and type gnome-screenshot --interactive) tool and enable "Grab the whole desktop" and then enable "Grab after a delay of 5 seconds"

Then simply click "Take Screenshot" and bring up your Activities screen by pressing Win/Super key and in 5 seconds it will take a Screenshot.

Hope that helps! :)

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There are really many ways of taking screenshots! This blog post details many of them.

My personal favourite is scrot.

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