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Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if the .deb package I'm installing is broken in some way (I've built it, using NetBeans 7.2), or if indeed this is a bug in Software Center.

When I install this particular 32-bit .deb on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS--all updates applied--(where it was built), GDebi shows it and has an 'Uninstall' button next to it. So it works fine to uninstall it there, via the GDebi GUI.

However, when I install it on 12.04.1 LTS--all updates applied--it installs fine, but then does not show up in Ubuntu Software Center as available to be uninstalled. No combination of searching finds it.

However, I can from the command line, do sudo apt-get purge javafxapplication1 and it finds it and deletes it. The same thing happens when I build a 64-bit .deb and attempt to install it to the same (64-bit AMD) or a different 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04.1 system. So it seems to be isolated to this NetBeans-generated .deb and the 64-bit AMD build (though I haven't tried it on a 32-bit 12.04.1 install yet). These are all on VirtualBox VMs, btw, if that matters.

Any way to clean up my Software Center and see if it's something I've done to get it in this state?

Could this behavior be due to how this particular .deb has been built?

(It doesn't have an 'Installed-Size' control field, so I do get the "Package is of bad quality" warning when I install it--which I do by clicking 'Ignore and install' button.) If you want all the gory details about why this happening--a bug has been reported against NetBeans for this behavior here: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-25486

(EDIT: Just to be clear, the app installs fine, runs fine, all works as intended--I just can't get that 'bad package' message to go away, and now... I also can't uninstall it via Software Center, but rather, need to use sudo apt-get purge to uninstall it, after it installs.)

Thanks for any pointers.

I'm happy to report this as a bug against Ubuntu Software Center/Centre too, if that's what it seems to be, just tell me where to do so (a link). I'm a relative Ubuntu, NetBeans, and JavaFX newbie, though a long-time programmer. If I report it as a bug, I'll try it on the 32-bit build of 12.04.1 as well. Also, if I should add any more detail to the bug reported against NetBeans above, let me know--or feel free to add it yourself to the bug report above, if you would like.

Thanks again!

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I'm not familiar with the inner working of that part of Software Center, but since it's sort of isolated to an x64 deb: I'ld check the arch field and see if it did something wonky there, or maybe the "dist" field? There may be some logic that's misfiring with differences between "precise", "stable", etc and some of the naming conventions or "all", or whatever your arch target is. –  hbdgaf Oct 4 '12 at 21:01
Thanks Abraham. Where would I find those fields? Sorry, newb here! (I'm not really sure how NetBeans does the packaging via it's build.xml, but I can certainly search for a config file, or if there's a tool that lets me peer inside the binary .deb, give me a link to that.) Thanks. –  likethesky Oct 4 '12 at 21:08
You'ld check in the ./deb folder while netbeans is organizing everything...not the binary deb itself. –  hbdgaf Oct 4 '12 at 21:11
Sorry, still unclear. I can't find any ./deb folder in $NB_HOME (NetBeans install directory), EDIT: nor in the app dir. I've looked through myriad .xml and other config files under the application itself (created by NetBeans, but nothing with arch or dist in prop names that seem relevant to architecture). Is the ./deb dir always present for a package, during its build process (perhaps always, if building with ant maybe)? Again, sorry to be so obtuse. Clearly NetBeans is doing a lot 'under the covers' to make it so easy to build a .deb for me that I am on highwire without a net here! Thx. –  likethesky Oct 4 '12 at 21:36
I haven't built anything with netbeans, but if you're manually building a package (and I can't imagine netbeans does it differently) there's a "staging" area during the build process where it puts the deb folder that holds the control file and other debianizing specific modifications –  hbdgaf Oct 4 '12 at 21:43