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I was working fine with Eclipse for about a week but suddenly now when I start the eclipse, I get the following error:

invalid configuration location
The configuration area at ---'/home/yash/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.7.0_155965261/configuration' is not writable.  
Please choose a writable location using the '-configuration' command line option.

Please help.

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From terminal, execute "ls -al /home/yash/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.7.0_155965261/configuration" and add the output to your question. – Aaron Oct 4 '12 at 18:40

Try setting yourself as the owner of the config-directory:

sudo chown -R yash:yash ~/.eclipse

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Do you have a multiuser enviroment ?? the problem can be resolved by root previliged terminal and executing following commands

cd /usr/share
chown -R root:root eclipse
chmod -R g-w eclipse

read this for more information

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