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I have just upgraded to Ubuntu Server 12.04 and permanently run a Xen guest.

We have migrated to the xl toolstack for Xen (from xm) as suggested which unlike xm does not have support for managed domains. xm is being removed in Xen 4.2 so I need to migrate away.

How should I configure my host to autostart Xen guests?

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There is a best practice in place & it has nothing to do with xl:

Do >nano /etc/default/xendomains then deactivate VM restore using XENDOMAINS_RESTORE=false & save

Then, create the subfolder auto underneath the /xen folder.

mkdir -p /etc/xen/auto

cd /etc/xen/auto

create a symlink to the virtual machine that you want to auto start at Dom0 boot & don't forget the dot at the end of the command

ln -s /etc/xen/yourvm.cfg .


I asked to disable the restore feature because i had problems with it.

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The "fix" is to go back to xm until Xen 4.2 is packed in Ubuntu, at which point xendomains won't depend on xend, so you can start guests at boot and use xl.

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