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I am trying to connect to a IM account (WebEx connect - Protocol: Jabber/xmpp) with Thunderbird 15 but it fails to connect. It doesn't throw any error just says "Not Connected".

Pidgin works perfectly with the same setting what I provided in Thunderbird 15.

So the question is

  1. Will Thunderbird chat account(xmpp) support libnss3
  2. Do I debug and collect info, when Thunderbird tries to connect to a chat account?

I'm on Ubuntu 12.04

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The link shared by unor helped me to fix this issue.

The IM account was unable to connect due to certificate issue. Though I have a valid certificate it wasn't able to verify the certificate.

Here is the detailed steps on how to fix the issue.

Get the proper certificates

  1. Get the certificate (If you dont have one) from pidgin account.

    • open Tools -> Certificates
    • select the appropriate hostname and click "Save" (file: certificate.pem)
  2. Open Thunderbird -> Edit -> Preference -> Advanced

    • choose Certificates tab -> View Certificates
    • Select Servers and Click Import to add the download "Certificate.pem" and save it.


  1. Use this link to get proper server details.

    • open the link and enter "" to fetch the server details enter image description here
    • Copy the Target value in "Client records for". In this case it is
  2. Open Thunderbird -> Edit -> Preference -> Advanced

    • choose Certificates tab -> View Certificates
    • Select Servers
    • Click on "Add Exception..."

    • Enter the copied text under "Server Location:" with :5222 at the end (Replace https:// with

    • Click on "Get Certificate" and remember to tick "Permanently Store this exception" and save the setting by clicking on "Confirm Security Exception"

Adding XMPP account

  1. Open Thunderbird -> Edit -> Account Settings
  2. Add Chat Account
    • select xmpp
    • username:
    • password: .......
    • Resource: Doesn't really matter
    • Server: or the text grabbed from the URL(
    • Port : 5222

Now we are good to go :)

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Well, the certificate exception did seem work from Tbird to Openfire -- I then had a new error "Not authorized (Did you enter the wrong password?)" so still stuck.

I then change the username (from format "abc" to "abc@server") and that corrected the issue. Some clients want username, some want user@server.

My 2 cents worth to help those that found this issue.

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