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I am running ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on 4-core cpu and what i am facing is that when i open a .psd file or a heavy .xcf/.psd file my gimp sends me a "force quit" message. I am using gimp for professional image editing so please tell me what i should do. Thanks

screenshot1-usage 2.2gb of memory by gimp screenshot2-the time i closed gimp-4th core 90% and drops to 15%

screenshot1-usage 2.2gb of memory by gimp

the time i closed gimp-4th core 90% and drops to 15%

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Try it from xfce – Tachyons Nov 14 '12 at 6:04
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Looks simply like you're running out of memory… :(

Once SWAP gets heavily used, the response time of your computer goes up a 1000-fold.

Try this: Open the file, go make coffee (not just take, but fully make) and come back after 10 minutes or so.

If the file opens, but everything is really slow (like a click-and-drag takes a full minute), just buy more RAM…

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