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I installed vsftpd and was in the process of configuring it. When I sent the vsftpd server stop command:

sudo service vsftpd stop

I received:

stop: Unknown instance

So I went ahead and uninstalled it and rebooted the system

sudo apt-get remove --purge vsftpd

when I 'stop' vsftpd now it says:

vsftpd: unrecognized service

If I try 'uninstalling' vsftpd its says:

Package vsftpd is not installed, so not removed

Issue: But I can still connect to my server using FTP client

I cannot somehow believe there is a zombie? process that is not getting killed even after reboot. Can someone please throw light on this?

System Configuration: Ubuntu 12.04.1 Server LTS as Guest VM on Windows 7 Host VM

Please let me know in case you require any additional information

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