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I am attempting to create a virtual machine using libvirt that will have a GNOME GUI and remote accessibility. I have successfully set up the VM to run, but I am unable to access it remotely.

The command issued to build the VM:

sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --suite=precise --flavour=generic --arch=amd64 --mirror= -o --libvirt=qemu:///system --part=/usr/xxxx/vmbuilder.partition --templates=/usr/xxxx/mytemplates --addpkg=nano --addpkg=unattended-upgrades --addpkg=acpid --firstboot=/usr/xxxx/ --cpus=2 --mem=4096--user=xxxx --name=xxxx --pass=xxxx --hostname=xxxx --bridge=br0 

My intent is to have a virtual machine that my client can remotely access with a GUI.

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I suggest you to use virt-manager package for KVM/QEMU virtual machine GUI management tool.

To know how to install it please follow the guide in this post on askubuntu

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