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My laptop has 2 GPUs, the Intel HD Graphics 4000, and NVIDIA GeForce FT 650M. How do I switch between GPUs? I tried installing drivers from NVIDIA, but that ruined my Ubuntu installation, and I had to reinstall. The Additional Drivers in Settings don't list any Nvidia drivers either.

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Your graphics card is not yet officially supported by Nvidia, and requires the bumblebee drivers for Linux. You can find more information on this post: Switchable laptop graphics issues on Ubuntu 12.04?

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This might be slightly easier to use: WebUpd8

Just go to part 4, about graphics switching.

Also, take a ook at this more detailed explanation, also at WebUpd8:

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Please don't just link to an external site; Include all the usefull informations. Links rot. – Martin Schröder Jun 17 '15 at 15:29

Just get the latest driver from nVidia's website and allow executing it and you are good to go.

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Ok I thought I had ruined my fresh install of Ubuntu 13.10 with installing the latest video drivers from NVida then I came across this site

The command line was a mess trying to install the latest drivers. As far as switching back and fourth would mean, correct me if I'm wrong here just a change to the xorg.conf to point x to the other driver. Anyway I hope this is helpful. The PPA in that link is awesome guys over there to put the code injection for your current kernel version for the new nvidia drivers tests it then installs it only if tests pass. Great work on there part over there.

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