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Possible Duplicate:
Chrome shutting down immediately on opening

I had installed Chrome browsers and after 2 days my machine hangs indefinitely, the only way to get access to my machine is restarting the machine ( which I hate, badly need expert help.

This is what I see from the logs, thought it might be helpful:

chromium-browse[2701]: segfault at bf44c680 ip bf44c680 sp bf95898c error 15


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kamil's advice may help you work around this problem. But this should be reported as a bug. You can make Apport collect and submit the necessary technical information--but still make sure to read the bug reporting documentation first, and describe the problem thoroughly in the bug report you write in the web browser (which will come up automatically after Apport sends the data). – Eliah Kagan Oct 3 '12 at 11:06
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Try to reset configuration, rename configuration file and try to open chrome again

sudo mv .config/google-chrome .config/google-chrome.bak
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Sorry, this did not help me solve the problem, I had the same problem this morning after working around the above solution. – RakeshS Oct 4 '12 at 4:27

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