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I am trying to run a game I downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center called BIT.TRIP RUNNER. Upon running it, the game immediately crashes. When running from terminal, I get this output:

Fatal error
string: failed to copy string: dst too small (32 < 52)

(zenity:2515): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing markup: Error on line 1 char 59: ' ' is not a valid character following a '<' character; it may not begin an element name

I should mention that I am running Lubuntu 12.04 64bit, I have tried removing and reinstalling via Ubuntu Software Center, and that I have the proprietary drivers for my GPU installed, although the error doesn't appear to be related to the graphics at all...

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Go to /usr/local/games/bit.trip.runner and exec ./bit.trip.runner. Works for me to solve the same error.

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This is most likely a developer error.
the string : "dst too small (32 < 52)"
should be "dst too small(32 > 52)"
in order to be parsed as markup;

If you can't fix that string then you will probably have to contact the developer.

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