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At the mail.log this appears ~2 times per minute. I didn't care what they were, but now I want to find the reason.

Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/cleanup[31255]: 13A342CE301C: message-id=<>
Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/bounce[30816]: E41782CE301B: sender non-delivery notification: 13A342CE301C
Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/qmgr[6230]: 13A342CE301C: from=<>, size=2454, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/qmgr[6230]: E41782CE301B: removed
Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/virtual[27222]: 13A342CE301C: to=<www-data@sapd@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)>, relay=virtual, delay=0.18, delays=0.09/0/0/0.09, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: "www-data@sapd@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)")
Oct  2 20:27:02 sa-pd postfix/qmgr[6230]: 13A342CE301C: removed
Oct  2 20:28:02 sa-pd postfix/pickup[24018]: 18D432CE301B: uid=33 from=<www-data>
Oct  2 20:28:02 sa-pd postfix/cleanup[31255]: 18D432CE301B: message-id=<20121002182802.18D432CE301B@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)>
Oct  2 20:28:02 sa-pd postfix/qmgr[6230]: 18D432CE301B: from=<www-data@sapd@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)>, size=657, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct  2 20:28:02 sa-pd postfix/virtual[30817]: 18D432CE301B: to=<www-data@sapd@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)>, orig_to=<www-data>, relay=virtual, delay=0.33, delays=0.26/0/0/0.07, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: "www-data@sapd@CENSORED(itsmymaindomain)")

Does someone have an idea?

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There's some program running as the www-data user that's sending an email every minute. If it's indeed trying to send email to, the email address is ill-formed, presumably mistyped in some configuration file. Look for that address somewhere in your configuration files (try grep -r www-data@sapd@ /etc ~www-data/).

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