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I initially tried running Ubuntu off of a USB flash drive but the files got deleted, now when i boot my laptop it shows both Windows 7 and Ubuntu operating systems but the Ubuntu system says its missing a file and cant run it After the files where lost i downloaded Ubuntu on a CD and installed it into my hard drive following the instructions on the installation menu but the same error message shows up whenever i try to run Ubuntu. It says im missing some files, as if it were still trying to run it from a USB How can i remove the nonfunctional Ubuntu from my boot menu?

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Please be more clear. Which files got deleted? You say you tried running Ubuntu from a flash drive. Just running of a flash drive won't put anything on your hard drive. Did you try to install as well? When using the CD are you trying to Install or "Try Ubuntu?" – user68186 Oct 2 '12 at 18:46
You may have to repair GRUB. – Takkat Oct 2 '12 at 21:33

Go inside Ubuntu and run the command

sudo update-grub

This will update the menus. If not then kindly reinstall the OS on the exact same location. When reinstalling, do not repartition, do not select format, select same / and /home partitions as before.


try using the ubuntu recovery mode.

One of the 3 should work for you. Thank you.

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