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I use Ubuntu as a file server, is there a virus scanner on Ubuntu for scanning Windows files? Since most of the files are saved on the server, this greatly help minimize the spread of viruses.


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It is not so much viruses but rootkits that are dangerous to Linux. Just be careful with root access, sudo and su commands. – user11353 Feb 24 '11 at 0:00
  • You can use clamav Install clamav
  • If you want GTK front end then you should install clamtk Install clamtk
  • Informations about antivirus for ubuntu can be found at this link.
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Yes of course. Ubuntu comes with ClamAV in the packages:

ClamAV (sudo apt-get install clamav) which will install as a service and you can tell it where to check, you can use it joined with sendmail, etc..

If you want to have it in the gui you can also use it there and including with nautilus with nautilus-clamscan (sudo apt-get install nautilus-clamscan)

Or look for it in the Software Center or with Synaptic.

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