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After upgrading the Ubuntu to 10.04 my Nautilus file manager gives lot of problem. Nautilus freezes after few minutes of start. I tried with Thunar, but I did not like that. Now I have Dolphin too, when Nautilus goes problem, then I start work with Dolphin. I do not like this. I want to work on Nautilus or equivalent one.

I work with lot of images using GIMP and Inkscape. I tried many things including reinstalled the OS for 6 time in 4 months. I cannot leave Ubuntu, but I am limbing. Some body help me to fix it. Thanks in Advance.

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Please phrase the title as a question! – LassePoulsen Aug 11 '10 at 17:40
Do you have any plugins for Nautilus installed? Are you using any network filesystems such as NFS or CIFS? – Suppressingfire Aug 11 '10 at 19:15

You need to first diagnose your problem.

Try launching Nautilus from a Terminal by typing nautilus and pressing enter. Any errors or warnings will be displayed in the terminal and this may help you to find the issue.

Your issue may already have been reported as a bug. See Launchpad for a list of bugs in nautilus.

Once a solution is found for one of these bugs, they will be fixed, but it may take a long time for the bug fixes to appear in Ubuntu. Often, however, people will post temporary solutions in the comments of a particular bug.

Also, PCManFM is another option for an alternative file manager. It is similar visually to nautilus, fast, but with a few less features.

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You might want to disable preview for images or other multi-media things. Such previews need memory as well as cpu power, which can lead to freezing when either the cpu is overloaded, or a lot of swapping occurs.

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