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I set up Gnome to use 2 monitors in extended mode - and it works great as expected. Now I'm wondering wether it is possible to use this setup in the console mode.

Currently I see the same command line window on both monitors (Clone view)

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That's not possible, I'm reasonably sure.

But you can, as a workaround, use Gnome-Terminal. Press F11 to get the terminal into full screen mode. As soon as you hit any key, the mouse cursor disappears, giving you the full old-school feeling. :-)

Related question (Unanswered) on the Unix Stackexchange: TTY On External Monitor

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Actually, I want this kind of environment. I hope in my Extended monitor I can run a TTY console, while in my primary, I'll run xserver. – swdev Dec 11 '11 at 12:42

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