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I recently burnt the Ubuntu ISO to a CD to boot from it. The steps I took:

  1. Entered BIOS menu to change booting priority to CD as number 1
  2. Restart with the CD in the drive.

I hear the CD spinning but PC then skips to back to Windows startup. I tried this a few times, it keeps ignoring the CD. Similar story with my USB stick (after also having changed boot priority to the USB stick).

I'm at a real loss here because the PC is freshly installed with Windows 7, all updates are there, and I am unable to get Ubuntu booted up.

For the reference, I tried the CD on my Macbook Pro, by forcing boot from CD and it worked fine, Ubuntu ran without a hitch.

Any help would be much appreciated. Please note I am no expert on this.

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Does it work if you ask to enter boot menu on the BIOS screen and then select boot device? (In one of my pcs you have to click DEL for that, on the other you click ESC, there should be instructions on the bottom of the screen) –  moraleida Oct 1 '12 at 21:34
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