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Downloaded WUBI from Ubuntu site today; therefore, I presume this is the latest version of WUBI. The first screen requires a user name and password. I enter both and receive an error message :

"Passwords do not match."

The screen does not have a field to enter a 'verify' password. I've never had Ubuntu installed on this machine. To the best of my knowledge I have no passwords for anyone stored on this machine. To what is this comparison being made and, more importantly, how do I bypass this glitch and get on with the installation?

I'd very much appreciate any help. Thank you.

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you may need to scroll down to see the verify field. – user68186 Oct 1 '12 at 16:55

This password will become the password of the new user in the new Ubuntu installation. If is not password of any old Ubuntu installation.

Provide a username and also type a password twice in the two separate field there. The username is your Login name in new Ubuntu and password is that user's password.

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