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What is the best bluetooth mouse that works out of the box with Ubuntu 12.04 and have long battery life?

I have Microsft 5000 and have problems with Ubuntu 12.04 also its battery life is really bad.

Please recommend me your favorite one.

It may also require simple configuration to make it work.

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Although it is not driven by bluetooth, the Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse is a fantastic mouse to use with Linux. Great battery life, great sensitivity on all surfaces and all of the buttons work natively on Linux.

However if you plan to use a second device (keyboard, I use K800) on the same unifying receiver you need to first boot into Windows or OSX and pair the mouse and keyboard.

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So it's not bluetooth and it's not fully compatible with Ubuntu. You didn't answer the question at all. – mehaase Jun 8 '13 at 16:25
Ha - I can recommend a joystick although it is not driven by bluetooth.... – dturvene Jul 12 at 11:57

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