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I can't install anything from software center because it is stuck at applying/searching, when i cancel it, it is stuck at canceling. Then software center gives me a pop up box that it needs to be repaired, so i click "repair" but in the progress of "repairing installed software" it is stuck at applying changes. Can somebody please help me?

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Try to see answers from this question:… – Peachy Oct 6 '12 at 10:34

I would try doing sudo killall software-center. That should terminate software center. You may need to do sudo killall dpkg if there's still the 'installation' stuffs in the background.


  1. Try adding the -9 argument to them, so it's sudo killall -9 software-center and sudo killall -9 dpkg

  2. Thensudo dpkg --configure -a

  3. Finally sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

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Before killing anything, close all windows and make sure there is not a EULA popped up behind the Software Centre. These EULAs are very common, especially with software outside of the main repositories.

if that fails, try

sudo apt-get install -f


dpkg --configure -a 
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