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I have notice that since a few days my cap lock stays on if I press on caps lock. I can't desactivate it. I am currently using Ubuntu 12.04LTS on my old Emachines computer. So I would like to know where is the command to get back the default settings when I press the caps lock.

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For newer versions: Click on the Ubuntu button and search for "Keyboard Layout" and select "Options..."

For 11.10 and older: From System Settings... open the "Keyboard Layout" and select "Options...".

Look for the Caps Lock key behaviour entry and unfold the list of options to give you this:

enter image description here

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for even newer ones, adding 'ctrl:nocaps' in the array of xkb-options in dconf-editor did the trick for me (ubuntu Wily 15.10). – immeëmosol Jan 25 at 9:24

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