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My current set up is:

  • I have my main machine (Darkseid) upstairs which has a drive with all my films on it, which I don't keep mounted.

  • Downstairs, next to the tv, I have a htpc (Archangel) which has xbmc installed on it, which points to a samba share on the main machine.

Everything works fine when the drive is mounted, but is there a script I can write to send a command to the upstairs machine from the downstairs machine to mount the drive to save the walk upstairs? #lazy

Both machines are Ubuntu 12.04

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The way to do this would be to establish a remote connection to your server upstairs by using SSH.

By this you are able to remotely mount or unmount drives and you can even mount a remote directory on your local mythubuntu machine.

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Not a script, but you can do something on boot for your machine, I did this on my server this morning, nothing wrong with a bit of laziness :)


Once you have worked out the terminal command to mount the drive;

  • Open Start-up applications (search start-up in dash/click top right > Start-up Applications)
  • Click Add
  • Name is Whatever you want
  • Command is the command you used in terminal (CTRL SHIFT C to copy)
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Thanks, but sorry, I think I missed a vital bit out of my Q, I want to be able to ask the upstairs machine to mount the film drive whilst on the downstairs machine. – NikolaiDante Sep 30 '12 at 9:07

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