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In windows, I can use netview to see all the computers on the LAN network, but what's the corresponding command on linux?

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yes you can.

open your terminal and type as who -a . that will list all information .

else you can use nmap also . great network tool.

you can get it by sudo apt-get install nmap

if you assume you IP starts from then you can list all Computers connected with the LAN with this command


The above command will scan from to IP's and list you which is up and which is down .

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Or use Zenmap if you want a graphical interface for nmap – bodhi.zazen Sep 30 '12 at 5:10

You can type

arp -a

commandin terminal to see computers on Lan.

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net view on Windows is used for Active Directory. You can emulate this with Samba.


$ sudo apt-get install samba

This will install net commands that you can use to join the Windows domain, such as:

$ net help join
net rpc join -U <username>[%%password] <type>
  Join a domain
    username    Name of the admin user    password  Password of the admin user, will prompt if not specified
    type    Can be one of the following:
        MEMBER  Join as member server (default)
        BDC Join as BDC
        PDC Join as PDC

You can also use arp-scan, found here, if you're only looking to discover hosts on the network.

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