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What's a good partition method to combine an SSD boot drive with a 1TB data drive?

I have a SSD with "only" 128GB. I already have Windows 7 and some apps installed on it.

I want to install Ubuntu on it as well, but I only want to install the system files and apps on the SSD and have my HOME folder (downloads, music etc.) on my HDD.

I do the exact same thing in Windows 7, but can I do this with Ubuntu?

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Choose "something else" when Ubuntu asks, during installation, about the installation target.

enter image description here

You will be able to choose directly to install Ubuntu system root partition (/ mountpoint) to a partition on the SSD, and choose to install /home on the regular HDD partition. You will be able to create, modify and format the partition in that part of the installation.

  • Choose free space for the root partition on any drive (here /sda), and press "Add..." to choose size and mountpoint:

enter image description here

  • Do the same for your HOME partition on your harddrive. Choose montpoint /home:

enter image description here

Check that everything is alright (e.g. make sure the "format" option is unticked for your Windows partitions) and proceed with partitioning and installation of Ubuntu:

enter image description here

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To have /home in a different partition from /, you'll need to do this:

  1. Make home the top-level directory on the partition you want to contain it.(on the Hard Disk)

  2. Give the partition that contains home its own mount point. A reasonable name for this is home (unless you plan to use that partition for other stuff too)

  3. Give /home its own entry in /etc/fstab.

  4. Make /home symbolic links to /home/home.

Another approach is to install ubuntu normally in the SSD then move home folder to HDD following this official article from ubuntu

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