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Several months ago my Ubuntu 10.04 started to freeze some minutes after booting. I didn't reboot, just get stuck (mouse, keyboard, etc.)

One day it didn't boot at all - ut was dead. I tested the power supply and it was broken, so I changed it (for a more powerful one) and both problems are gone. Since 3 weeks, the PC is working fine. It didn't freezes anymore.

  • Can the power supply affect the OS in this way? May it because of a leak of current?
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With an hardware failure, the software can reach some random behavior.

I would suggest to check your system logs files (using gnome-system-log application for example) and look at if some errors were reported when you observed the issue.

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Hi Yanok, this never happened again since I changed the broken power supply,... so in some way, my problem is gone. However I wondered if this could be due to an insufficient power supply –  luso Sep 29 '12 at 18:24
Hi Luso. Great to know your problem is solve then :-)If you did not observe other errors in software logs, feel lucky that your issue was due to power supply failure. –  Yanok Sep 30 '12 at 14:06

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