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Possible Duplicate:
bought computer with messed up Ubuntu

i recently got a dell inspiron B130 with an ubuntu prgm on it and the main users desktop is scattered allover the place , files everywhere but not in folders,how do i fix this? i am new working with this operating system ,used to windows versions. if i go into a guest profile the desktop is perfectly fine and everything works but i cannot make the system fix itself or don't really know where to start help??????? i have the user name and password and can get to terminal screen , but not sure how to remove and add myself to admin use

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Welcome to Ubuntu

Personally I would want to start afresh and completely reinstall Ubuntu. This way you can shape it to how you would like it and not put up with someone else's stuff on it.

full installation instructions can be found here

You can download the image from here

Have fun with Ubuntu and if you are not sure of anything don't hesitate to ask.

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thanks for the help. – linda stecker Sep 29 '12 at 9:44

Linda if possible connect your computer to your router with a cable before you start the fresh install

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