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I have FL studio 10 installed on my PC through wine and it works perfect. The pre-installed vst's work but any I install (sylenth1, nexus2 and pianoteq) don't work. I have massive installed and it works. I am a little new to Linux but know the basics.

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Hi as far as I could find out from here: they just copy the dll and then check in FL studio 10 and then are able to start them. Did you do it that way? or what do you mean with "you installed them"? – Peterling Sep 28 '12 at 20:14

I installed them with the .exe and then moved the .dll to the specified folders. FL recognizes them, it just shows a grey box saying "loading plugin" and I can choose my preset sounds but the GUI doesn't work i.e. can't play keys on piano, knobs wont move.

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I am not a wine specialist. Maybe you could manage to get wine work better. Sometimes there are just some packages missing. But another possibility would be a parallel install of windows or an installation of Win in a virtual box or vmware. Another try would be using "playOnLinux". This soft could help you in configurin wine. Good Luck! – Peterling Sep 29 '12 at 15:06

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