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How can I check whether my internet connection is active on Ubuntu. If I am connected to a wired or wi-fi network, the indicator applet shows that I'm connected. But there is now way to find out the internet is working or not. I have some problem in my internet connectivity and I frequently lose my connection. I found this link is useful

Internet connectivity indicator applet

But I don't know that where should I use this code!


if ping -c 1 -W 2 > /dev/null; then
 echo "Up"
 echo "Down"
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The link you indicated is self explanatory. Even so, the necessary parts for implementing the script are:

  1. Open up a console and type:

    mkdir -p ~/scripts && cd ~/scripts

  2. After that type the following


  3. Paste this code:


if ping -c 1 -W 2 > /dev/null; then
 echo "Up"
 echo "Down"
  1. Save the file

  2. Again on the console

chmod +x

Then you have the file created, all you need is to follow the other steps indicated on the link you posted

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Heres some extra info on bash for beginners – Mark Kirby Sep 28 '12 at 9:00
Thank you so much!! It worked. – Sathish Sep 28 '12 at 9:57

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