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Where can I download ubuntu desktop 12.04.1 dvd version? I don't like LTS,I want to download dvd full version.

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12.04 is an LTS version. –  Mechanical snail Sep 28 '12 at 4:50
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What is it you don't like about LTS?

LTS is the abbreviation of Long Term Support.

The Ubuntu Foundation releases a new version every six months: April and October (hence, the versioning schema: 12.04 = April '12 release, 12.10 = October '12 release). With every new release, you get about 18 months of security updates support.

LTS releases get 5 years of support (both, desktop and server versions, as of 12.04), and are published every 2 years. This extended support is provided to better accommodate business environments, where there are associated costs with frequent software upgrades (deployment, downtime, broken functionality, etc.)

That being said, you don't need to search for any other version to download. The 12.04.1 LTS version is the "full version", and you are free to upgrade it to the upcoming 12.10 and lose the Long Term Support.

Edit: The .1 in "12.04.1" marks a point release. Check What's the deal with point releases in LTS versions? to find out a little more about them.

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You can download the 12.04.1 version from here:

For i386 : click here

For amd64 : click here

For other downloads you can visit this

Note: LTS is a long term support which means 3 years support for old distributions and 5 years support for 12.04 distro. Also 12.04 LTS is a full version and it's the same as 12.04.1 . The only difference between is that 12.04.1 is just an update of 12.04 which means they have the same packages but 12.04.1 have the up to date ones.

So, its up to you either download 12.04.1 or use 12.04 and update your packages by your self.

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I think, you are confused with DVD version and CD version. Both are same release, that is LTS. DVD version just contains some more softwares (such as gimp, pitivi etc) and language packs.

Take a look at these links

If you really want to have DVD versions, just go to this page and download your Ubuntu.

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