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Downloaded the BIOS update and installed it on windows, it got through installing and restarted the computer, it auto loads into ubuntu so it just sat there and did nothing because the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work. So after a while I held the power button down to turn it off and then pushed it again, it runs through the power on tests and all that stuff but the monitor and mouse don't have any power to them so it shows nothing and does nothing.

So is there any way too get it working again?

OR keep all the stuff on the hard drive and reinstall windows and ubuntu?

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You'll be better asking this on Superuser, since this is isn't strictly related to Ubuntu, and I wouldn't say neither it is related to Windows. If you can, flash your BIOS again. –  Uri Herrera Sep 27 '12 at 22:59
Agree with @UriHerrera that it's not really related, but are you saying the monitor worked but not the keyboard/mouse the first time? Make sure there's no CD or USB that it may try to boot, and I'd try resetting the BIOS using it's menu. Also, check the BIOS options to make sure they have sane settings. –  Marty Fried Sep 27 '12 at 23:19

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