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I recently compiled goldendict from source. To my dismay I discovered that there were no monochrome appindicator icons included. At the moment I am stuck with this:

enter image description here

I tried converting the icons to B/W using GIMP, but it still doesn't look quite right:

enter image description here

How can I modify the icons to fit with the rest of the theme?

These are the icons in question:

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Ok, I invested some time and did it myself. What I did was basically use GIMP's Alpha to Selection tool to select the non-transparent parts of the image. Then I chose the Bucket Fill tool to apply a homogenous grey colour to the icon. All other refinements I did manually with the Paintbrush tool.

These are the raw icons:

programicon_old.png (programicon_old.png) programicon_scan.png (programicon_scan.png)

This is what the indicator now looks like:

enter image description here

In order to install the icons you will have to compile GoldenDict from source:

  • Clone the GitHub repository

    git clone
  • Navigate to ./goldendict/icons and replace programicon_old.png and programicon_scan.png with the updated icons

  • Follow the instructions in to compile and install GoldenDict

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