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Some websites offer .ics files, calendar files. I would like Thunderbird to open these with Lightning so it can add the events in the ics-file to its calendar.

When I use /usr/bin/thunderbird to open the file with, it starts a new message with the ics file attached.

I could download the file, then import it from lightning, But I rather have lightning just open the file.

Is there a commandline-option for this? Some wrapper-script maybe? Should I change something in Firefox?

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The upstream ticket for this is Bug 357480 - Opening or adding .ics files to calendar by double click. – colan Jan 13 '15 at 21:18
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Right now there is no feature to open the lighting directly using command line. But mozilla provides an option to open the sunbird client.

There is bug filed for the same. But unfortunately the bug timeline is not active.

We can open an .ics file directly using Evolution, KOrganizer or Calendar. But it is sad that Ubuntu default mail client is unable to add the .ics directly to the calendar system.

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For Thunderbird 15.0 / Lightning 1.7 the following procedure works for me:

Open the "Today Pane" ie. the Events panel on the right hand side next to the email list.

Drag&Drop the ics-file onto that pane.

In my case (Kubuntu 12.04) it will create the event. Hope this helps.

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Be careful with this, it opens an entry for each event on the ics file. In my case I had to force close Thunderbird. – castaway Jan 4 at 20:28

I think that the best bug related to this issue is this one: Bug 357480 - Opening or adding .ics files to calendar by double click

Please consider to vote for it in order to increase its importance for the developer team.

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