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Please help me in connecting the WLL cdma bsnl phone in edubuntu software supplied by it@school

the model name of wll cdma connection is HUAWEI FP2255

the hints * when the device is connected by usb cable to lap a link is shown in mobile brandband (see the attached photos)

*when i searched in google hemanathan's blog and some others lead me to write the programme in "terminal"

but i cant do it

suggest simple ways


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Let me know which version of Ubuntu you are using (Edubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu).

If you are using Ubuntu 10.4 or higher it will detect the device automatically. You will have to create a Mobile Broadband Connection:

  1. Click on the Network Connection icon on the top panel.
  2. Click "Edit Connections..."
  3. Select "Mobile Broadband" tab.
  4. Click "Add".

    Here you will:

    • Select the device and click Continue.
    • Select Country and click Continue.
    • Select Provider and click Continue.
    • Select "my plan is not listed" and enter any APN and click Continue.
    • for the dialup string use #777.
    • enter your username and password given by BSNL.
    • Click Apply.
  5. Now again left click on network icon. You will now see your connection under Mobile broadband.

  6. Click on it to connect.

That's all.

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Ubuntu has also ability to detect modem if you use older version than 10.04 – K.K Patel Nov 1 '12 at 3:10

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