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What elements should I define in a Desktop Entry file of Directory type for xfce? Although it can be created using thunar file manager by right clicking on the folder, so what I want to know is that if its possible to create one manually.

I wish XFCE was well documented as other DEs

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You will find detailed information on desktop entry files here.

I'm unable to find XFCE's desktop entry specifications, but in Gnome desktop entry specifications, the desktop entry for a directory must be ending with .directory, and not .desktop.

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Actually that link is the origin of my question. I tried setting type to Directory but xfce perceives it as an invalid .desktop file and it does not recognize .directory. – Aman Sharma Sep 27 '12 at 12:32

Create a symlink for example:

ln -s /home/pi/resources /home/pi/Desktop/Course Resources

The first mart is the folder you want to link and the second part is the link on the desktop.

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