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I had installed unity-revamped package thta adds windows dodge behavior to unity launcher, it was working flawlessly all these but yesterday after I installed some common updates it has stopped working. I tried adding the PPA again and ran update and upgrade but it din't work!

Anybody else facing the same issue ?

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I'm facing the same problem. I checked with the launchpad page of unity-revamped PPA and found that the latest package is not yet built, it was added jus a few hours back and its awaiting build.

Here are the screenshots



After the build is complete try updating and upgrading.

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Oh I had no Idea about the package builds, thanks for explaining it to me. I'll wait for the build to get complete and then try upgrading. – Rupali Sep 27 '12 at 6:21

A new unity release was pushed out yesterday through the official update channels (Unity 5.16.0-0ubuntu1). You are now running stock unity again and will have to wait for the PPA to update accordingly.

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