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Until sometime last night, I had remmina working fine. I could run RDP through an SSH tunnel and all was well.

Then it stopped working. I can get as far as the password dialog for my work machine, but then it just says "Cannot connect to RDP server localhost".

I can't even find any logs that look interesting. I've re-installed remmina, cleared my .remmina directory, restarted my machine, and even restarted my gateway.

Just to make it really weird, my laptop (which has the same setup -- latest Ubuntu and Remmina) can make the connection just fine. It is even going through the same router, albeit wirelessly.

Any thoughts?

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I have no idea why it worked, but I started changing settings one at a time. When I edited the connection properties, I looked on the "advanced" tab and changed the security from "negotiate" to "TLS", and voila, everything works.

Strangely, "negotiate" still works on the laptop, but at least I'm back in business with my bigger monitor :)

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This just happened to me, and I found this answer which resolved the issue. Just rm ~/.freerdp/known_hosts and try again.

Apparently this happens when the keys on the tunnel server change. See this bug.

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This happened to me when I copied my remmina configuration (under ~/.remmina) from one machine to another. Perhaps the remmina versions were different; changing security did not help but deleting and recreating the connection did.

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The problem is with the viewmode=1 setting in the saved conf file. If you resize the window it should refresh and start showing the session. Changing this boolean to 0 will force the window to defaults and it'll refresh on load. The problem is if you resize the window after the session has started, remmina will change this setting back.

A work around would be to set the window_maximize=0 to true and then just click/press the maximize button/shortcut to bring it back to your settings. 
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