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How do I install Ubuntu on a freshly re-formatted hard-drive? The machine has a CD player but the Ubuntu ISO is on a DVD that the player won't read. The ISO is about 50MB too large for a CD.

What to do?

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You can install ubuntu from USB Stick. If you have another computer with windows or ubuntu you can follow this instructions:


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Thanks. But, that's where I'm stuck. The CD won't read a DVD and the iso is too big to put on a CDR. So, I can only boot from a dos floppy or a system that fits on the CDR. I installed Slax (a small linux system) but can't connect to net with it... – brt Sep 26 '12 at 21:46

Or you could try this older 'minimal' route if it still works, then upgrade over the net.

another thought is to use an external DVD drive - about $29 at

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