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Before I installed Ubuntu 12.04(my problem was that I didn't install the GUI version, which explains my first question), my internet provider shut off our connection for going over the bandwidth permitted. This was back around August 16.

It's September, almost October. We've paid our bill in the first week of September, so the bandwidth should be reset. Yet for some reason, I can't connect at all. It basically gives me the same message saying that the conection couldn't be made, which only shows up when a tower is down, or the data us all used.

Could it be because I had installed Ubuntu between the time it quit working till now, and could installing Ubuntu have made my desktop confused about whether or not the bill is paid?

This only happens in Windows 7, but I need to make sure its working so I can copy it over to Ubuntu when I'm certain it'll connect.

Is there something I need to do, or should I contact my internet provider(AT&T) to resolve this?

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Call your ISP, they should be able to tell you if there are any known issues, and possibly how to resolve them...

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