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After configuring my Computer for PXE installation (as a Server). I have only one working internet connection via my home Wifi. The configuration was followed by PXE Install server Community help. Actually i can connect my computer to other routers too but i have no internet connection. How is it possible? Any ideas how can i remove the PXE stuff and recover the "Factory settings" for the network?

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In all probability you had to shift your client from using DHCP to using a static IP when you installed the DHCP server. While it's not technically not impossible to run a DHCP client and server on the same machine it's generally recommended to keep the machine static.

I would simply shift the machine back to using the DHCP client. It's pretty easy to go back; edit /etc/network/interfaces and go:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

...or whatever your wireless interface name is.

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