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OBLogout is a expandable, configurable, and theme-able logout script designed to be used in a Openbox desktop environment.

This was taken from their Launchpad page, it was created to be used in Crunchabng Linux and I can find packages for Arch, Fedora and Debian but no information on how to Install it in Ubuntu, I can't find it in the repositories either and the only PPA is 3 years old.

How can I install it and is there a possibility that it could work in other environments other than Openbox?

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The version 0.2 of oblogout in the PPA appears to be the latest version. Therefore, I would say that would be the one to try. It is over 3 years old but I don't believe that Openbox has seen any major developments that would break it. Additionally, I have seen articles and forum posts from this year that indicate that it is still being used on current distros.

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