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I'm trying to make a very small shell script with a simple command and add it up to the KMenu.

Well, thing is that once it launches the shell script, it closes it fast and I want to leave it open because the shell script attempts to create run a web application using a framework.

I tried with this first


play run /home/david/Projects/ZS

then I tried with this


konsole -e play run /home/david/Projects/ZS

In terminal, it runs perfectly, but in launcher.. not so much

Any solution or suggestion is appreciated, thanks

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Try using this shell script:

play run /home/david/Projects/ZS
echo "Press Enter to exit"

and using this command in the menu:

konsole -e "bash path/to/shell/script"
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works like a charm, though I detected a weird behavior in Konsole, I try to re-use it to open more tabs and it opens the same shell script... nothing to worry about though I'll ask in KDE forums – allenskd Dec 29 '10 at 21:32

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