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Hi I have an old Toshiba PC Satellite P20, Ubuntu is installed, I had a black out of the PC and when I switch-on, on the screen appears : TOSHIBA , UBUNTU and than black screen with written : e-toshiba login: password :

Administrator is :enrica Password of Ubuntu : alessandro but everytime answer is ; incorrect login

I made also photos so you can undertand better , please give me an email address

Thank you for your help.

Renato Renzi - Italy

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please upload the photos at and post here the link so as we can see them... – hakermania Sep 24 '12 at 17:56

To change the password, select boot recovery mode from the grub menu.

enter image description here

When the menu appears select "drop to root shell prompt".

enter image description here

Next change the password:

passwd enrica

Reboot the machine and try it:


You might want to force a check of the filesystem system since the problem appears to have been an incorrect shutdown. There may be other problems.

If you don't get a grub menu at the start (single boot machine, usually) then hold down the shift key while starting the machine. It should start up grub and give you the recovery mode option.

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