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Just like the title suggests, any idea on replacing nautilus with Awesome WM?

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I think you are confused. Awesome WM, as the name says, its a complete window manager. On its side, Nautilus is a file manager. Anyways, this can be what you are looking for.

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Windows managers are those programs which provide the windowing functionality, such as title bar, window border, moving, resizing etc. And Awesome is a window manager, which is lightweight in resource usage.

On the other hand, a File manager is a program which provides you facility to browse or navigate the file system, move, copy, create files etc. And Nautilus falls in the category of file managers, it's not a window manager. In fact, Nautilus is the most loved and used file manager in Linux desktops.

There cannot be any question of replacing a window manager with a file manager. But, yes, you could ask to replace Compiz (which is another window manager) with awesome window manager or replace nautilus with another file manager such as Thunar.

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You can install and use other file manager such as PCManFM or Dolphin in Awesome WM. And there is also a file manager in terminal like Ranger.

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