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To secure unmount a usbdrive i use the eject button next to the drive-icon in nautilus before i plug it from the usb jack. But not always nautilus is in use and sometimes i have to start extra it for this purpose.

Which other different methods exist to quick secure unmount (eject) a removable usbdrive?

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You can also drag and drop it to the Trash. – arsaKasra May 13 '14 at 8:55
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Desktop Icon

You can right click on the icon on the desktop and click 'Safely Remove Drive':

alt text

Docky Docklet

If you use docky install docky, you can use the 'Mounter' docklet.

alt text

and right click on the icon and click 'Eject'.

alt text


From a terminal, you can use:

umount /media/7890-FB2E

replacing /media/7890-FB2E with the path its mounted to.

You can also do this from the Alt+F2 dialog:

alt text

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  • You can also install indicator-usb
  • After installation add indicator-usb to your Startup Applications. alt text
    alt text
  • Source
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You can also try this indicator applet.

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