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I have installed the Cisco Anyconnect secure mobility client on my ubuntu 12.05 laptop using the It always works immediately after running the script but once I power-down then come back later it will just flash on the screen then go away. If I re-run the it will work fine. This never happened until a couple of weeks ago I chose to accept all updates and did a mass update on my laptop. This has been occurring ever since.

I'm pretty new to linux and need some help troubleshooting. I really want to learn the system better and could use some guidance in troubleshooting issues like this in the future so I don't have to keep bothering the experts.


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Ok, after much searching and digging-around, I managed to fix this issue by adding the following line to rc.local:

/etc/init.d/vpnagentd_init start

Not sure this is the best solution. But, alas, it is the only one I could find that worked. If anybody more saavy at linux than I could chime-in to let me know if this is a suitable solution or not, it would be very much appreciated. Otherwise, I am marking this as the answer.


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