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I have Ubuntu version 12.10, when I tried (after the installation) to run for example WoW.exe, it went good. I didn't play it for about two weeks and then suddenly it doesn't open. When I try to run it in Terminal, it says this:

enter image description here

I've already found out that I need the "scsiport.sys" which is needed by "prosync1" so I downloaded it and put into the same file as "prosync1" but it's still not working, I don't know what else to do, could you help me please?

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For what I can learn from the image, you are trying to run wow without the the wine command.

Right now it looks like 'home/fialka/.wine........../Wow.exe' it should be wine 'home/fialka/.wine........../Wow.exe'

Second, I am not to worry about your SCSIPORT.SYS problem as much as the ATI GL problem below. The SCSI might just be a warning from wine and WoW but will most likely not lead to closing/crashing the game. The ATI GL problem below will.

Try to test it with the "wine" command before it. But for the ATI problem I suggest to either go back to 12.04 or wait until the ATI video drivers are more "stable" for 12.10 since it is still in Beta development.

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