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Is it safe to install Ubuntu with an virtual diskdrive (With Daemon, Alcohol, or MagicISO)? Because I'm not sure, and won't take the risk.

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You cannot install Ubuntu using these softwares or vitual drives, because those will only run after Windows is loaded (more correctly, run on Windows). But, you need to run Ubuntu without loading any OS.

When you try to boot from those drives, You can't becausu BIOS can't see those devices, simply because BIOS has no idea what softwares you installed in Windows.

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NO you cant install Ubuntu on those software.

By the way, good news is you can use VirtualBox to install Ubuntu inside Windows.

You can refer to this tutorial for installing Ubuntu inside VirtualBox

Enjoy Ubuntu!

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Another alternative is WUBI. It won't let you run Ubuntu and Windows in parallel, but it will let you install Ubuntu inside a file in your Windows partition. – Flimm Nov 30 '12 at 15:29

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