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I tried building GMP 5.0.5, and now when I'm trying to build MPFR, it starts checking for gmp.h and libgmp. The MPFR gives me an error that gmp.h (5.0.5) and libgmp (5.0.2) do not match, and MPFR is giving me the above error during make when it reaches to the gmp stage. how can I fix this problem? Also, is there a way to check if gmp, mpfr or mpc are pre-existing on my machine, and their version numbers?

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I experienced the same problem. I found out that my gcc-4.6.3 somewhat miscompiles it. After upgrading to gcc-4.7 and recompiling gmp-5.0.5, I was able to install mpfr-3.1.1 smoothly (make check passes).

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