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Minecraft lags badly in my linux than windows! in windows i dont find trouble playing it!

My system specs : processor : AMD Athlon x2 260 3.2ghz dual core

              Graphic card : Ati radeon 3000 series
  • ram : 4gb (3.25 usable)

I have ubuntu 12.04 and I want allocate more ram to minecraft!

I have 4gb physical ram (ONLY 3.25 USABLE)

I have openjdk 7


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From what ive read, Ubuntu’s 3D desktop sometimes causes issues with Minecraft. You could try logging in with unity 2d instead and see if this improves your issues.Though im not really sure what you mean by "lags". Since not having the black screen of death issues, i presume you are using minecraft version 1.3 .This should work fine with the allocated ram,and shouldn't have the need to manually install the updated Lightweight Java Game Library .

To answer your question

-Xmx sets the maximum memory and Xms sets the minimum memory

java -Xmx2096M -Xms1048M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

changing 2096M and 1048M to the amounts you desire

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