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The idea: Use a second monitor in Dell XPS L502x with HDMI port in Ubuntu 12.04

The process: I connect the HDMI cable to monitor.

I read this and I have video in HDMI monitor with Bumblebee and this commands:

optirun nvidia-settings -c :8
DISPLAY=:8.0 firefox

I have created a second keyboard/mouse master group with xinput with this solution.

The problem: The second monitor (Display 8) doesn't recognize the keyboard/mouse and I cant use it.

The question: Do you know some command to attach the keyboard/mouse master group to Display 8? I think that xinput -set-cs may work but it does not.

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Hi you could see this post, it works for me , now my hdmi it's working on my xps 15z. I hope this help you!

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Hi @Edwin, yor answer good look, but my question is for have two separated "virtual computers" in the same laptop. Thanks anyway! – lcoronelp Oct 30 '12 at 23:28

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